#ADL 310 Videos & the Social Media Mix


Although videos are effective to tell the story, they are time consuming to produce.  In the corporate environment we do invest resources to develop videos but, focus more on “how to” presentations.  I think many audiences also expect a certain level of production, that even the high tech software most of us can get access to, can’t deliver.  If you need good, top quality video, there are professionals that have the equipment and skills to produce what the public has been taught to expect. My thoughts only.  michele.


#ADL 310 Colleagues’ Videos



It is interesting how much more you learn about someone when video is added.  What an interesting group we have in spring ADL 210, so many diverse interests from quilting, planning weddings, photography, music, education, the environment, to soul searching for the entire family.  I am starting to get the “social” part of social media. If only we had more time!  michele

Thoughts on posting a video #ADL310

This exercise was not as frustrating as the introduction to podcasting, so I guess practice does make… well, barely presentable.  I would have liked more time with my flood video, and more practice.  I would have liked to add music, other images and video (such as the one that featured the house I refer to, captured on an iPhone), but the small attempts I made started to make the project more about technical savvy, instead of getting the job done.

It was somewhat time consuming to get the audio to match the video, or was the video supposed to match the audio?  In addition, and I am not sure why but the vertical imaging was not in full frame.  I never did figure this out.  Well it’s done and I hope to share it with some of my non-ADL310 friends.  The picture below was my driveway on June 21, 2013.  Should have added a canoe to the “get prepared” list.  thx. michele


Sparkol VideoScribe – Oh What Fun It Is to Scribe! #ADL310

This is a good introduction to VideoScribe, and in plain language. Worth reading. michele


Image This week’s module in Social Media & More is Broadcast Yourself: Going Visual with Videos. I decided to try my hand at Sparkol VideoScribe. It is one of the programs recommended by our SM&M instructors, and it offers a free 7-day trial.

After an easy installation to my laptop, I watched several excellent step-by-step tutorials on VideoScribe.co and on YouTube, and did a few trial scribes before creating the masterpiece I eventually put up on PodOmatic. It was great fun to simply type in text, and then watch the magic of the hand printing my words. (I’ve always enjoyed videos of this sort, and wondered how they were created.)

VideoScribe offers a large onsite library of cartoon images (including this purple chicken chicken picture cropped I can’t get enough of) and soundtracks that are easily added to a project. The music is not tinny and electronic, as might be expected. The track I chose, “Ghostly,” sounds like real piano and gives…

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Video…. just because you can?


One of the great challenges at work is that the digital team does not report into Communications, rather it still is part of IT in our organization.  Most of the time, this structure works well and there is alignment such as, the web editor for our division sits in all the marketing/communication meetings and most work sessions.  This is where strategy is determined first, then tactics.

The challenge is when work goes directly to the digital team, and does not flow through mktg/comm.  An example of this is the following video that was prepared with a current software program to support Calgary’s bid for the 2017 International Play Association conference which promotes the universal right of a child to play.

Although the video is perhaps “cute”, from a communication perspective it does not achieve what it should. The introduction of this conference and concept should talk to why the City of Calgary is involved and what is the value for Calgarians through this initiative. (Not to mention that it does not adhere to corporate standards and we are not sure where  some of the pictures (FOIP) are sourced from.) A video may be an important part of the communications mix, but only one of many tools that work together to achieve specific objectives.  To me, this is an example of building a video, just because today with relative ease we can, not because we necessarily should. Look forward to your comments.  michele.


We all need a pep talk

I saw this Kid President video a couple of years ago, and I still go back and watch it occasionally (thanks to google and youtube). I offer this example because it is ironic that in 2012, SoulPancake launched a YouTube channel to complement the content on the website and book. This Kid President video attracted over 35 million views, quite a complement!  I remember after seeing the video the first time, I searched the internet trying to figure out where it came from, and how did this little kid relate to a brand named Soul Pancake?   Because of this one video, I did learn that Soul Pancake is a media company that encourages us to “big think” on a wide variety of topics such as spirituality, arts and philosophy.  I do follow it on twitter now.  This may be an example of moving the primary traffic from a video sharing site, and making the new audience on the ancillary website?   What do you  think?  michele.